Game Sponsors


Gilpin County



Businesses and Organizations

Sechler Architecture (Fan)

Dostal Alley Casino, Central City

Gatorade Drinks

Eagles Mart Convenience Store

Gilpin County Education Foundation

The Mountain Ear Newspaper

Gilpin Ambulance Authority

X-Grain Sports Ware

Jack Castledine Video Production

Hellas Construction (Turf Fields)

Pro Sports, Sterling

City of Black Hawk

Denver Athletics

The Weekly Register Call Newspaper

Colorado Preps

Glazier Football Coaching Clinics

Roys Last Shot

Gilpin County Boosters

Pepsi Products

Circle K

City of Central City

Tin Star Bar-B-Que, Golden

Gilpin County Sheriff Department

The US Army Recruiting Center

HUDL Game Film and Highlights

Base Camp Campground

Colorado School of Mines

Fans and Volunteers

David MacKenzie

Norma Ball

Steve Boulter

Jeff Schuessier

Brad Heinz

Alexis Donaldson

Paul Hanson (Clock)

Dan Hiltz (Coach)

Aaron Moran

Andy Rothenberger (IT)

Jay Stevens

Lisa Young (Press)

Ryan Witzel (Admin)

Tobey Ball

Lisa Boulter

Jim Holloway

Alan Demers

Paul Fortunato (Coach)

Jack Ball (Stats)

Craig Holmes (Stats)

Ken Peterson

Katura Sales (Trainer)

Stan Sumner

David Sechler

Kellie Bayne

Kathy Kelly (Gate)

Joe Stranaly

Tom DiMaruo

Dr. Nahanni Freeman (Editor)

Michelle Hernandez

Seth Gordan (Game Film)

Jeff Pettus (Transportation)

John Scarffe (Press)

Trystin Swan (Press)